Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dennis Got Semi-Certified!

Praise God...after a couple rough weeks at work, Dennis was certified last Friday (April 18th)! It will not be official until an FAA person comes to the tower to look at him, but for now, he is able to be in position and do his job without being under a trainer. His first week of being certified has gone really well --- drama-free especially after everything that took place last week! I thought about sharing it all on here, but it took Dennis 7 pages to write about it in an e-mail!!! Just know it has been quite the trial for Dennis, but the LORD has sustained him through everything and in the end, good prevailed over evil! So, Dennis will keep working in Laredo while we wait to hear from the FAA.

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Scott & Pam said...

Happy Birthday Heather!
Scott, Pam, Shelby & Devin