Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fact or Fiction - Truth or Tradition?

In the video below, Pastor Greg Boyd contrasts the current traditional belief in a “Hell” where sinners are tortured forever with what the Bible actually states about the place called Gehenna; the place where God, in His love, utterly destroys the unredeemed. God witholds His gift of everlasting LIFE and the wages of their sin is literally and simply DEATH (Romans 6:23).

This 10-minute clip is part 4 of a 5-part message. If interested, you can watch the other 4 parts on YouTube or listen to the audio version of the entire message at under “Tormented in the Flames.”

After several years of studying the Bible extensively on various topics including this one (i.e. Hell), we are very encouraged when we find others who come to the same conclusions. If you listen to part 2 of Pastor Boyd's message, you'll hear him talk about how it is not always a bad thing to question what you've been taught. In fact, he says that questioning and wrestling can actually be a sign of your faith. We should always see if what we believe is derived from biblical truth or man-made tradition.

The more we've studied, the more we've learned how far removed Western Christianity is from Biblical Christianity. Perhaps after viewing this one message, you'll get an idea of what we mean. - Be Blessed!


administration said...

Thanks for sharing this - as someone who is always questioning and questing for the truth, this is a very valuable view point. Very recently I have begun to feel more comfortable in my beliefs, which are fringe to what seems to be the mainstream "Christian" standard to me...

The other day, a friend of mind was shocked that we don't watch tv or go to clubs - She did not understand our choices or that I could possibly be happy in what my husband and I have decided is right for us. She was in complete disbelief at our obedience to each other. Her opinions stung me during the remainder of our conversation. On my return walk home, I realized that it's good be be seen the way she sees us - my heart is glad that we are so set apart that we have become "strange" to others! What a blessing that God allowed me to realize the truth like that instead of dwelling on the hurt feelings I had initially.

Love you guys, even though we are out of touch. I pray for your family to be blessed!

<3, Angela

Erin said...

Hi Heather...I was just wondering how you are doing and what your family is up to now. I keep looking for you on facebook! I hope to hear from you soon.